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Party Packages


Mini Donut

Party Packages

Basic Package

2 hours / $995

Fresh, hot, mini donuts with choice of powdered or cinnamon sugar, chocolate & caramel sauce.

Includes up to 200 servings, add a 2nd donut machine for $850

Deluxe Package

Up to 2.5 hours / $1,250

All of the basic toppings plus assorted jellies & custards, chocolate & rainbow sprinkles, pretzel crumbs, cookie crunch, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips & more!

Includes up to 200 servings, add a 2nd donut machine for $850

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Rolled Ice Cream Party Packages

Includes our popular cookies & cream ice cream, assorted toppings, attendants and cups & spoons. 

Single machine:


Two machines:


Three machines:


Four machines:


We recommend 1 machine per 40 guests for full size cups or 100 guests doing single rolls.

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Combo Rolled Ice Cream & Mini Donut Party Packages

Basic Package

Includes 1 Rolled Ice Cream Machine &

1 Deluxe Mini Donut Package

$2,000 / 2 hrs

Deluxe Package

Includes 2 Rolled Ice Cream Machines &

1 Deluxe Mini Donut Package

$2,700 / 2 hrs

Freshly Made Pizza. All You Can Eat.  

Watch our chefs create our best-selling pies from scratch. We will bring all of the ingredients and some ovens to your party so we can prep, bake and serve fresh pizza to your guests.

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Build Your Own Pizza Station

We will provide freshly made pizza dough, a variety of delicious toppings, and some ovens for your party so your guests can have some fun building their own customized pizza.

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